Konstruktor: Lego for the dimensionally-challenged

13 Apr
Minions! I need minions!

Mr Mint takes charge

Let’s say you’re living in a small room — in a Hong Kong cubicle hotel, for instance — but you want to build large and complex structures out of plastic bricks. Seems like an impossible situation, doesn’t it? But no! All you need to do is fire up your trusty netbook — running Mint, of course — and install Konstructor. Right now the website is pretty minimal, but the program works and it’s in the Mint repository, so what more do you need?

Konstruktor (sorry about the K’s — it’s a KDE thing) provides a 3D environment on your screen in which you build Lego™ models out of predefined bricks and other subunits. The program comes with well over a thousand pieces already available, and as you make new items you can save them as submodels and use them repeatedly in your finished scenes. The rendered scenes scale up or down depending on how many pieces there are, and can be saved in JPG or PNG format.

The program is in beta and has a lot of rough edges — for instance, there is no way to rotate the viewpoint before rendering the scene — but it is tremendous fun to work with and should attract a lot of willing contributors. So let me introduce my first finished model and the new mascot for this site — Mr Mint!

Now, if only they would do the same for Bayko, my happiness would be complete. Well, this guy’s would, anyway.

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