29 May

CrossOver is available for both Linux and Macintosh systems. It uses similar technology to Wine, but CodeWeavers have tweaked the application to make it easier to use, and provide support to subscribers for a limited period. At the time of writing, CrossOver for Linux with 12 months of support was available for $US60. A version for Macintosh users is also available. A trial version can be downloaded and used for 30 days without restrictions. To install CrossOver, download the appropriate DEB file from the CodeWeavers site at, and double-click on it to open it in the installer.


Figure 50: CrossOver

CrossOver adds two items to the Mint menu:

  • CrossOver – Opens the automated installation menu. Like PlayOnLinux, this downloads a list of currently supported applications from the Internet. You can also ‘Select an Installer’ – i.e. an EXE file to run – or select a ‘bottle’ into which to install. ‘Bottles’ are the CrossOver equivalent of Wine ‘profiles’; they provide an isolated environment in which to install individual applications. The default CrossOver installation includes bottles for several versions of Windows, but users can delete or edit these and add their own if necessary. It comes with a Control Panel which provides the same options as the Configure Wine dialog described above.
  • Uninstall CrossOver Linux – Removes the CrossOver application.
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