Linux Games — new entrants

08 May


The Steam interface, developed by Valve Corporation, provides its subscribers with access to thousands of games. Users are given a Steam username and password which allows them to purchase the games to play on their own PCs. Steam collects payment and operates the copy-protection system that prevents copying of the games. Since its foundation in 2002, Steam has grown rapidly. It now handles some 2,000 games, and recently announced a move into non-gaming software.

Steam has been available for Windows platforms since its inception. Recently Valve announced that they were working on versions for Linux and the Apple Macintosh, and a beta version of Steam for Ubuntu has been released which also works on Mint.

Steam is constantly updated with new games, and also handles the process of downloading and installing patches in the games you own. Its Linux game selection is relatively small but rapidly increasing, and includes popular titles like Dungeon Defenders, Runner2, Bastion, The Cave, Crusader Kings, Dwarfs and Trine.

An installation package for Steam can be found in the Mint repository.

Humble Bundle

In the Humble Bundle Initiative, games from independent developers are collected into a bundle and made available for whatever customers want to donate. Customers who donate more than the average are given access to bonus games. Spinoff items like soundtrack music files are also often included.

Due to an arrangement with Steam, Bundle subscribers can usually enter a code and access their games that way, as well as downloading them directly from the Bundle site at

Since its inception in May 2010, the Humble Bundle team have released dozens of games for Linux (and Android) including Amnesia, Cogs, And Yet It Moves, Bastion, Braid, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Dustforce, Limbo and many others. In March 2013 they inaugurated a weekly sale system, whereby one game would be supplied each week on the same terms as the bundles.

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