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The Buddy System

I have — I blush to admit it — peculiar ears. Read the rest of this entry »

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Some thoughts on upgrades and Mint Debian

At some point in the future historians will be able to look back and pinpoint the exact date when updating your PC went from being a good idea to a bad one. And note that I’m talking here about updating the software on an existing, working computer, not buying a shiny new one off the shelf. Personally I would put the watershed mark around 2008. That was about the time that I tried to update a copy of Windows Vista on a new laptop, only to have all the data implode, and discovered that the laptop didn’t come with any kind of recovery disc. It was a good thing in a way, because it made me commit to Linux for the first time, in the form of Mandriva. But it should have taught me a lesson about updating. Read the rest of this entry »

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Having a Bash at Python

I’ve written elsewhere about Python, the first and only programming language deliberately written to be user-friendly, and I thought I should make public a couple of programs I’ve written recently for some fairly specialised tasks. One is pure Bash, the other is a combination of Bash and Python, which provides the best of both worlds — Bash to do the heavy lifting, and Python as a user-friendly matrix with which to handle the housekeeping. I’ll discuss each one in turn below. Naturally, to use the Bash commands in the scripts you will have to have those commands installed in Linux Mint. There are also some non-standard Python libraries used in the programs — see here for details of how to install those using Pip. Read the rest of this entry »

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