About the Other Linux Mint Blog

Welcome to the Other Linux Mint Blog! This is a space in which to discuss Linux Mint, computers that run it, computers that don’t run it, and anything else that seems remotely relevant. I set this up in April 2011 because as far as I could tell, apart from the official Mint blog site at, there were no live sites devoted to what — in my humble opinion — is a work of genius and the very best operating system ever.

But don’t take just my word for it — I’ve been wrong before. Take a look at Distrowatch, where over the last six months, Linux Mint has had the second largest number of page hits, leading Fedora by 1823 to 1453 and only trailing the leader, Ubuntu, by about 340 hits.

Let’s put that in perspective, Ubuntu and Fedora come from large companies (Canonical and Red Hat) with hundreds of employees. Red Hat is in the Standard & Poor US Top 500 companies list. Canonical is headed up by a billionaire, and has an annual revenue approaching $30 million.  Linux Mint has about 20 people working on it, most of them volunteers. It’s as if the Latvian Navy had taken out China and was working on an invasion of the USA.

So what makes Mint so good? In one word: thought. Before a feature gets into Mint the team thinks: Is this necessary? Is it what our users want? Can it be improved? Are there better alternatives? As someone who approves of thinking, I appreciate that. The Chief Developer, Clem LeFebvre, calls the result of this thinking ‘elegance’, and right now Mint is the most elegant way there is to do things on your PC. I think it has a great future, and I am pleased and proud to be able to promote it any way I can.

The idea for this site came to me over time after I wrote an article on Mint vs Ubuntu for BrightHub. It was only one article out of a couple of dozen, but it kept getting hits (and I kept getting paid) month after month. Two years later, that one article still keeps getting more hits than all the others put together. Unlike some other crazes, it really looks as if Mint is here to stay. And naturally I would like to partake of its success.

As for me, I am an information-science jack-of-all-trades living off freelance assignments. At various times I have been paid for database design and maintenance, book indexing, website design, computer training, writing articles, programming and desktop publishing. I have authored and co-authored several other books on indexing and Linux, including this one. Many years ago I wrote several novels, and one day I hope to sell one. I have a strong and enduring interest in eBooks, and in making information (and entertainment) as cheap and accessible as possible for everyone.

I hope you enjoy this blog. If you want to provide ideas, suggestions, blistering insults or clear demonstrations of my wrong-headedness, then add a comment to a post or click the ‘Contacts’ tab at the top of the screen. If you want to hire me to teach, install, fix or update Linux Mint or Ubuntu, to set up a website or work on a database, then click the ‘Contacts’ tab. NOW! Immediately!

Note: This blog has no official connection with the Linux Mint project or the websites maintained by the project team.


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