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Linux has a bad reputation where local area networking is concerned, and up until a few years ago it was well-deserved. Since then Linux distros have become a lot better at finding and connecting to other PCs, whether these are running Linux or Windows. Unfortunately there’s still nothing in Mint as simple and elegant as the Windows networking wizards, but the basics have become a lot simpler. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why ‘Linux networks’ is an oxymoron

Fifteen years ago or so, local area networks were strange and exotic things, and setting one up was a rite of initiation for the young computer technician. With trembling, sweaty fingers on the keyboard, they would gradually make their way through the layers of the sleeping network’s consciousness, tweaking settings and codes as they went, hoping against hope not to wake the dormant giant before everything was ready. Then the gradual retreat, taking care not to leave any open doors or signs of their presence: then the awakening, and the hoping against hope that this time, this time! the arcane instructions would take hold, the magic would operate, and the network would recognise your poor little PC. Read the rest of this entry »

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