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Tomahawk, or why Clementine got the axe

Each new music playing program that I try brings me a little closer to perfection. From Banshee I moved to Clementine, because Clementine can link to my online Spotify account and play my Spotify playlists. But it was a problem for Clementine when a playlist contained both online tracks and tracks from my own PC — when it got to a local track in the playlist it would just stop and refuse to play further. So Clementine is no longer my darling, now I’ve tried Tomahawk. Read the rest of this entry »


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Banshee – which doubles as a video player – opens in a window with the familiar panel layout. The left panel shows the location of several types of media files, plus some online sources of music. A central panel shows a list of artists and some album cover images – these are downloaded from the web when new tracks are added. A track list is at the bottom of the screen and a Find box at the upper right. Clicking on a file type, artist, album cover or location will filter the track list to display matching files. Select ‘Library’ at the left and ‘All Artists’ and ‘All Albums’ at the top of their respective lists to display all tracks. An optional panel at the bottom of the screen can find and display Wikipedia entries or YouTube videos for selected artists. Read the rest of this entry »

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