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Tomahawk, or why Clementine got the axe

Each new music playing program that I try brings me a little closer to perfection. From Banshee I moved to Clementine, because Clementine can link to my online Spotify account and play my Spotify playlists. But it was a problem for Clementine when a playlist contained both online tracks and tracks from my own PC — when it got to a local track in the playlist it would just stop and refuse to play further. So Clementine is no longer my darling, now I’ve tried Tomahawk. Read the rest of this entry »


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Amarok is the default media player supplied with KDE, though it will also work under GNOME. Like most KDE applications, it aims at extreme configurability. Amarok suffered from a loss of popularity recently when it was perceived as having become overly complex. The developers have worked on the interface to try and make it friendlier, and the application has been restored to grace. Read the rest of this entry »

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Music, music, music!*

It’s appropriate that there should be three ‘music’s in the title of this post (and the song it comes from) because today I want to write about the three music applications that I currently use. Mint, of course, like Ubuntu, comes with Rhythmbox. which I happily used for a while but eventually abandoned because — as an ordinary user, not a code-tweaking maven — I couldn’t get it to make a smart playlist which would search my collection of MP3 tracks on the basis of their track number. (Why should I want to do that? Carry on, gentle reader, and all will be revealed). I also found it flaky in other ways — an impression that was confirmed just now when I went to start it up and check that I wasn’t inadvertently lying to you. First startup — Rhythmbox froze and had to be killed with the Force Quit applet from the panel. Second startup — nothing happened at all. So Rhythmbox has been given the boot. Read the rest of this entry »

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