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Music, music, music!*

It’s appropriate that there should be three ‘music’s in the title of this post (and the song it comes from) because today I want to write about the three music applications that I currently use. Mint, of course, like Ubuntu, comes with Rhythmbox. which I happily used for a while but eventually abandoned because — as an ordinary user, not a code-tweaking maven — I couldn’t get it to make a smart playlist which would search my collection of MP3 tracks on the basis of their track number. (Why should I want to do that? Carry on, gentle reader, and all will be revealed). I also found it flaky in other ways — an impression that was confirmed just now when I went to start it up and check that I wasn’t inadvertently lying to you. First startup — Rhythmbox froze and had to be killed with the Force Quit applet from the panel. Second startup — nothing happened at all. So Rhythmbox has been given the boot. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on April 28, 2011 in Audio, Linux Applications, Music players


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